• The Shelf, Prinzenstrasse

    The Shelf, Prinzenstrasse

    In the heart of Kreuzberg in Berlin, a lively urban space is being created in a landscaped inner courtyard, which…


  • Capricorn Bridge

    Capricorn Bridge

    The minimalist, integrated lighting traces the shape of the path and makes it appear almost floating in the evening hours.


  • One Central HQ

    One Central HQ

    The new One Central HQ is located in the middle of Berlin-Friedrichshain, well hidden in the 2nd backyard, embedded in…


  • BetaPort


    Together with the start-up Urban Beta, we developed and implemented the lighting design for BetaPort - a sustainable mobility hub…


  • RTL


    Europe’s most modern broadcast and production studios have come online with the opening of the RTL Audio Center Berlin located…


  • DNA


    In a side street in Berlin-Mitte, an understated gatehouse marks the rear entrance to a renovated turn-of-the-century brick complex. Beyond…


  • Trilux Office Cologne

    Trilux Office Cologne

    An innovative lighting concept was developed in order to present the products of the lighting manufacturer Trilux in their new…


  • Newsroom of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe

    Newsroom of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe

    The lighting design for the new areas of the newsrooms of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe transforms deep, dark...


  • Light Art @ PFA

    Light Art @ PFA

    The light installation in the main entrance of the historic Berlin edifice amplifies contrasts to enable the story of the…


  • Frankfurt Cancer Institute

    Frankfurt Cancer Institute

    The FCI is a new building on the campus of the Goethe University Frankfurt, which blends sensitively yet concisely into…


  • Canteen Arnsberg

    Canteen Arnsberg

    The lighting scheme of the newly designed canteen emphasises various functional areas by using different combinations of lighting qualities and…


  • Theatre in Wholesale Market

    Theatre in Wholesale Market

    The lighting for the "Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt" underscores the multi-functional architecture and ...


  • Getränke Hoffmann

    Getränke Hoffmann

    A historic brewery has been transformed into a flagship store for Germany’s largest beverage distributor.


  • Fotografiska Kunsthaus Tacheles

    Fotografiska Kunsthaus Tacheles

    jack be nimble develops a lighting concept that meets high expectations of the historic building.


  • Schierker Feuerstein Arena

    Schierker Feuerstein Arena

    The dynamic quality of the roof lighting reflects the movement of the ice skaters below. On special...


  • Trilux Licht Campus

    Trilux Licht Campus

    The Trilux Campus will be extended into outdoor space and connects with the Oktalite building, which is part of Trilux.


  • Ku’damm-Karree // FÜRST

    Ku’damm-Karree // FÜRST

    The Ku'damm-Karree (FÜRST), located in the heart of Berlin, is undergoing a renovation and reorientation both inside and towards the…


  • Private Practice Ku’damm

    Private Practice Ku’damm

    Functionality and aesthetics were combined in the lighting design for this private dermatological practice in the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin.


  • Heliosschule Cologne

    Heliosschule Cologne

    jack be nimble is involved in this project with questions about the optimal light for learning and the goal of…


  • Light+Building


    Light and in particular HCL (Human Centric Light) is a central element of the new trade show presence of lighting…


  • 190206_Metropolenhaus_Web

    Metropolenhaus Berlin

    Light from an arrangement of custom luminaires directs those arriving via the foyer of the new residential and commercial building…


  • CH37 The Mile

    CH37 The Mile

    The lighting scheme for a block of apartments transforms a series of passageways into an inviting space to call home.


  • Law Firm Berlin

    Law Firm Berlin

    This conversion of a representative office building was carried out in detailed coordination in order to fulfil the differentiated requirements.


  • PFA Façade Lighting

    PFA Façade Lighting

    The historic edifice located in Berlin-Mitte is prominently positioned in the nocturnal urban context by means of sensitive facade lighting.


  • 181101__web7

    Corporate Lounges

    Oases of light within a large office building provide a place of wellbeing that is inspired by Berlin’s urban culture.


  • Muehlenstrasse 20

    Muehlenstrasse 20

    Situated at the East Side Gallery, this elegant residential building is equipped with lighting that underlines its architecture, identity and…


  • Penthouse Berlin Mitte

    Penthouse Berlin Mitte

    Modern LED technology was used to create pleasant living environments in this penthouse overlooking Berlin. The entrance is marked by…


  • OLX Berlin

    OLX Berlin

    The common areas and creative rooms of the international online-trading platform OLX are should invite the users to meet, exchange…


  • Industrial offices

    Industrial offices

    The examination of the past and the future is the starting point for the present project: an old industrial building…


  • JBN_GREE_01

    Office GREE

    We created an individuell design of light, which transformed a luxury apartement in the heart of Berlin to the new…


  • PFA


    The historic edifice, located in Berlin-Mitte, has been carefully and sophisticatedly converted into a company training centre.


  • Congress Center Hamburg

    Congress Center Hamburg

    The jury praised this competition entry for delicate nighttime lighting of the facade that irradiates a sense of mystery.


  • Mülheim City Centre

    Mülheim City Centre

    The redesigned underpass lighting directs visitors, avoids intimidating spaces and invites lingering in the urban areas of Mülheim.


  • Schloss Burg Solingen

    Schloss Burg Solingen

    The jury admired the design for creating a romantic ‘Moonlight’ atmosphere while still respecting the the heritage context of the…


  • Solingramme


    The lighting, colour and guidance concept for the city of Solingen received a 1st Prize in the open competition.