We shape light, delivering creative and effective lighting concepts

  • Trilux Office Cologne

    An innovative lighting concept was developed in order to present the products of the lighting manufacturer Trilux in their new...

  • Getränke Hoffmann

    A historic brewery has been transformed into a flagship store for Germany’s largest beverage distributor. ...

  • Canteen Arnsberg

    The lighting scheme of the newly designed canteen emphasises various functional areas by using different combinations of lighting qualities and...


We offer independent advice for lighting, design and innovation


delight and delivery


with conviction


for diverse challenges


You can leverage our expertise to support lighting needs throughout your lifecycle


Working in close cooperation with our project partners, we develop concepts which optimise the use of daylight and electrical light sources. Our design is founded on a deep understanding of user requirements, lighting effects and technical parameters.


During detailed planning the lighting concept is enriched with specifications for products, positions and prices enabling the desired solution to be realised. As independent planners we have access to a wider market and can offer objective advice.


To ensure optimal results our team is active on site during the realisation phase. By coordinating overlapping workstreams and remaining focussed on the final result we ensure a timely delivery and superior outcome.


With an experienced and interdisciplinary team of designers and developers we are constantly engaged in innovation for lighting solutions. To develop lighting products and ideas with conviction we cooperate closely with a broad network of partners.


We analyse and evaluate existing lighting situations using technical, design and efficiency standards. Our focussed assessment can identify areas requiring attention with recommendations to improve the quality and bottom line simultaneously.


The demand for intelligent light controls has increased exponentially with the widespread introduction of LED technology. We conceive, plan and implement sophisticated automation systems providing intuitive comfort for users.


We combine our varied backgrounds effectively for robust solutions

  • we are hiring
  • Maryam Aghajani
    M.A. Architectural Lighting Design
    B.Sc. Architecture
  • Janna Aronson
    M.Sc. Architectural Lighting Design
    B.Sc. Architecture
  • Laura Baumgärtner
    Office Manager
  • Lance Hollman, Partner
    M.A. Architectural Lighting Design
    B.S. Engineering
  • Daniel Josties
    M.A. Interior Architecture
    Event engineer
  • Sophia Klees, Partner
    M.A. Architectural Lighting Design
    Dipl. Ing. Interior Design (FH)
  • Marzie Moazenie "Dana"
    M.A. Architectural Lighting Design
    B.S. Architectural Technology
  • Johannes Stahl
    M.A. Architectural Lighting Design
    B.E. Theatre Arts



We balance functionality and aesthetics to create award winning lighting solutions

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