One Central HQ

The new One Central HQ is located in the middle of Berlin-Friedrichshain, well hidden in the 2nd backyard, embedded in the local neighborhood structure. The building is composed of three different parts: an intact old building, a partially new central part and a new building that picks up the lines of the original facade.

In the different parts of the building, the recurring element of the canopy ceiling catches the eye, which in the new building is lined with wavelike acoustic sails and set off by indirect light. At the same time, the pendant luminaires with their direct light component serve to optimally illuminate the workplaces.

The ceilings are largely left raw, new exposed concrete and historic brick, with exposed surface mounting of luminaires and cable routing. To respond flexibly to requirements, a lighting system runs through the circulation areas, consisting of diffuse lines for general lighting and track spotlights. The latter illuminate vertical surfaces such as large-format pictures as wall coverings or room dividers and skillfully set accents.

Furthermore, cubes, niches and lounge corners can be found in the building as places of retreat, which are identity-forming with their individual lighting.

In the open-plan creative space, the flexible lighting between the wooden slatted ceiling provides space for a wide variety of uses. The meeting rooms with diffuse round tube luminaires are reminiscent of the industrial building's history.

The result is a diverse office campus for up to 300 employees that includes flexible workspaces, rooms for influencers and top athletes, showrooms and numerous sports facilities. From the central café and reception area, the City Hub, to the outdoor basketball court and the rooftop terrace for urban gardening, the proportion of conventional office space is only 30%.

This project is a vivid example of how lighting design must respond to today's working world in a variety of ways in order to create different quality of amenity and flexible lighting solutions that enable users to enjoy a pleasant, individual working environment.

  • Photos: Sebastian Doerken

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