Portfolio Tag: Berlin

The Shelf, Prinzenstrasse

In the heart of Kreuzberg in Berlin, a lively urban space is being created in a landscaped inner courtyard, which opens up to the street space through its funnel-shaped, two-story development and allows the city to flow into the inner courtyard of the property. The five- to six-story building ensemble closes the edge of the…

One Central HQ

The new One Central HQ is located in the middle of Berlin-Friedrichshain, well hidden in the 2nd backyard, embedded in the local neighborhood structure. The building is composed of three different parts: an intact old building, a partially new central part and a new building that picks up the lines of the original facade. In…

Light Art @ PFA

The light installation in the main entrance of the historic Berlin edifice amplifies contrasts to enable the story of the building’s next chapter to be told.