Canteen Arnsberg

The lighting scheme of the newly designed canteen emphasises various functional areas by using different combinations of lighting qualities and colours. Along one wall a large backlit forest scene mixes different white tones of light according to the principles of HCL (Human Centric Lighting) and injects a dynamic sense of nature to the guest experience.

Directed light is used on the tables in the dining area to achieve a dramatic atmosphere. Pendant lights suspended from tracks enable a flexible positioning of light points. Bright rings beneath the skylights illuminate the large tables whilst retaining an unobstructed view of the sky. A warm white colour temperature is used across the entire area.

The lighting of the Coffee Bar is simultaneously dynamic and relaxed, inspired by a modular light sculpture incorporating individual lights mounted at various heights. Decorative lighting in the seating areas provides a touch of elegance.

The food in the Serving Area is given special attention with direct fixtures and LEDs exhibiting very accurate colour rendering.

The walkways, in contrast, are lit using a diffuse scheme supplied by linear fixtures seated between the ceiling elements in a neutral white colour.

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