In a side street in Berlin-Mitte, an understated gatehouse marks the rear entrance to a renovated turn-of-the-century brick complex. Beyond the gatehouse lies a spacious courtyard that provides access to the adjacent parts of the building, which are used as an innovation center by an internationally operating biotechnology company. jack be nimble designed the lighting for the entire ensemble in close cooperation with the client and was able to unveil a special highlight shortly before Christmas 2020.

For the courtyard-side entrance at the gatehouse jack be nimble designed an artistic light object that not only bathes the entrance in warm light, but also hangs as a sculpture visible by day to mark the location. The double helix DNA structure served as inspiration, taken from the client's field of activity, and gives the unique piece its name. jack be nimble abstracted this into an endlessly intertwined loop, which floats above the entrance as a five-metre-long delicate object.

The entangled geometry, together with the unidirectional lighting, creates a special spatial effect of light and shadow; the light object shifts shape and legibility with the viewer's point of view, constantly changing.

At the same time, the DNA has a tunable white point, shifting fluidly between natural daylight and warm white evening illumination.

In this way, the handcrafted individual piece creates an artful light sculpture specifically designed for the location, which only comes to life when the observer walks below it.

This construction was designed, built and installed by the PSDM team in Berlin specializing in custom luminaire construction.

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