Light Art @ PFA

The light installation in the main entrance of the historic Berlin edifice amplifies contrasts to enable the story of the building’s next chapter to be told.

The web of strings is constructed geometrically, symbolically linked to the long lines of the façade extending down the Oranienburger and Tucholsky streets. Doused in black light, the lines appear as lasers, ephemeral but exact. The interlocked pattern suggests a 2D covering for the opening, reminiscent of the scaffolding that covered the building exterior during extensive renovations since 2013.

The glowing star is positioned behind this web and symbolizes the hope for the future. It pierces the web with one point and, at its brightest, outshines the strings and highlights structural elements of the archway and façade. The light intensity of the star pulsates and symbolises hope for the future and the "revival" of the building.

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