Newsroom of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe

The lighting design for the new areas of the newsrooms of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe transforms deep, dark rooms with low ceilings into attractive working areas, zoning them and at the same time leaving room for individual needs.

For the regular workplaces, a custom-made luminaire was developed for this purpose in close cooperation with the interior designers and a manufacturer, which makes it possible to combine a powerful, centrally controlled basic light with direct lighting of the tables, which can be controlled personally by each employee. At the same time, the luminaire acts as a striking, room-shaping element and integrates the technical function of bundling the supply of the tables with power and network connections.

The lighting of the movement zones, on the other hand, is provided by timelessly designed linear luminaires which are discreetly integrated into the slat structure of the ceiling. This general lighting is synchronized with the basic lighting of the workplace luminaires at a color temperature that is adjusted to the daytime.

In the meeting rooms and lounges, which are designed according to different themes, the luminaires follow the choice of interior design, set accents and dare to experiment in order to encourage the users to actively deal with the room. All necessary standards and regulations are complied with at all times.

Two large-format skylights, which on bright days provide the areas below with plenty of light, are equipped with luminaires that make it possible to replace the incidence of light at dusk and at night. The daylight situation is not simulated, but rather quoted and recounted in a playful way.

Decorative lighting effects on the walls of the functional boxes and targeted plant lighting round off the lighting concept for this open-space working world.

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