Portfolio Category: In Progress

Industrial Offices

The dichotomy between past and future in a planned industrial building with a new function as an office building has inspired our starting point for this project. The lighting scheme requires precise attention to the historic background and modern architecture that are merging into one another to form a workplace for the future. In addition to showcasing the legacy of the existing structure while representing the integrated modern architecture, the lighting scheme also explores various innovative solutions to future workplace requirements for the needs of people.

School in Brandenburg

This school in Brandenburg is an independent institution offering education for children and adolescents aging from 5 to 17. Our team is providing lighting solutions for multiple areas including classrooms, circulation areas, teachers’ offices as well as the canteen used for dining, celebrations and school theatre. The proposed lighting design aims to provide appropriate lighting for educational, office and gathering spaces with a careful consideration of the lighting needs of students, teachers, staff and visitors.

Corporate Office

The lighting enhances the corporate image and creates an inviting atmosphere within the communication areas of the office building.